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Ranganathittu Oct 2014

“Cross the river in a crowd and the Crocodile won’t eat you” – An African Proverb Ranganathittu, was my choice as a weekend getaway from Bengaluru. With visiting colleague-friend who was looking for a photography trip and what is better than the bird sanctuary? Riding a boat with the boatman who knew a lot about birds, almost as eloquently as an ornithologist, we went round the islets on the river Cauvery watching the birds, their chicks and nesting behavior.  The cool wind of October added a soothing touch to the feathery feast right in front of our eyes. We were lucky to get glimpses of Great Pelican, Painted Storks, Spoonbill, Oriental Darter, River Tern, large and small egrets, and the Mugger or Marshy Crocodiles as they slithered close by our boat or lazed on the rocks. The sighting of an Eaglet was the crowning glory to our Ranganathittu; it was the nesting season for eagles!