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Batman on a mission?!

“I’m not saying I’m Batman. I am just saying no one has ever seen me and Batman in a room together!”

This fruit bat has been clinging on to a mango tree branch overlooking my room’s window. He has been there for past few days. The branch he is clinging on to is just an arm stretch away from my window. He seems to be so determined to cling on to that branch (or perhaps determined to watch over me? ;)) that no force can distract him – till now I have seen him weather the forceful breeze, heavy rains and my attention over him. When the breeze unsettles his position, he adjusts himself. When it rains, he closes his eyes. When he notices me watching him, he is not shy.


He seems to respond through his eyes. He opens his eyes wide open when he knows I am talking to him. He remains calm and unperturbed by loud conversations from my room. He is the only one on the tree.

What is he up to? I wonder!!

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