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X’mas Gold Class

Christmas-DayChristmas 2014 was a memorable one. Enjoyed breakfast in true South Indian style, tasting a range of lip smacking dishes – Neeru Dosa with its traditional coconut side dish and chutney, Akki Rotti and Ragi Rotti with a homely touch, piping hot Paddus with the signature chutney – was a royal menu reminding of mother’s touch.

Med man missing made one wonder if it was yet another truant played by our modern day doctors. It’s better if less said to keep one’s mind calm and clear, to not let yet another negativity enter one’s mind.

The games people play to establish a lie as fact is enough to make you withdraw, standing aloof and seemingly detached from friend forms.

Cruising along a flicker of celluloid thought beckons in the form of newly released PK. The parody and irony in the organized religion, the metaphysical search of God and yearning for God’s hand in absolving one’s life’s struggles. The whole metaphysical question is taken to another level with an alien questioning the human beings’ incomprehensible customs. Enjoying the great mixture of laughter and philosophical exposition in Gold Class was a class in itself. The first taste of the plush seats and pampering ushers was both luxurious as well as embarrassing affluence.

A strange mix of the common and the not so common, the usual in contrast with the unusual, as should a Christmas Day be!

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